Gorean Dawn
Slave rules


Contrary to what one may think, serving is about more than bringing a Free Man or Woman paga or ka-la-na in a stylistically pleasing manner, it's about being pleasing in whatever task is assigned. That means serving can include: bringing drinks and food, engaging in conversation, giving a massage, or even kneeling silently at the Free Man or Woman's feet (yes, this counts as service too...asking to leave his or her service while sitting at their feet because you may be restless, is just as rude as asking to leave in the middle of a food or drink serve!).

A Few Basic Concepts:

  1. A slave's purpose is to serve men, and her strongest desire is to be pleasing to men. This entails pleasing your Master and others when he is not there. Remember, you and your actions are a direct reflection of your Owner's training.

  2. Please don't attempt to serve something you don't know how to serve. This can be very displeasing to the Master you are serving. If you are still learning, inform the Master respectfully and he will decide whether he still desires youp service. If the man insists that you serve, MSG another slave for help with that item, and make notes for later.  You could also simply ask the man you are serving. He might take the time to teach you, rather than have you serve something you know nothing about.

  3. A girl suggest making a general outline and perhaps keeping a list of commonly served drinks and foods handy. The outline helps one avoid getting lost in serves that are too long, until you get the hang of  the basic pattern. The list of foods and drinks allows you to easily find unfamiliar items. Attention to technical details is important. For instance, try to minimize your typos by reading what you type before pressing return. Also be sure you don't pull a bowl from the shelf, and end up serving the drink in a mug!

  4. A girl also suggest serving drinks and food as they are written in John Norman's books, unless a man tells you to do it differently. He may have his own preferences regarding how his drinks are served. For example, he may wish his blackwine served in a clay bowl, instead of a small cup. A girl could keep notes on how different men wish to be served. Also, different Gorean channels may have their own way of serving things or placement of serving items (a visit to the channel website will give a girl an idea of the layout of the channel and where everything is kept). In every case, abide by the preferences of that man or channel, unless it conflicts with some direct order from your Owner. Remember, you are there to serve men and be pleasing, this means serving in a way that pleases the one being served, not the slave herself.

  5. Do not expect a reward for your services. Whether the man gives you a coin for your Owner, compliments your service, or simply dismisses you with a nod, you should be thankful that a girl was given the chance to serve and be pleasing.

  6. Remember being sexual and sensual are two different things, each with their own appropriate time and place. Keep in mind you may need to tone it down or up a notch, depending upon the man and the situation in which you are serving.

  7. A slave who misbehaves or gives poor service will be corrected immediately or kicked by the Master or Channel Ops. Hopefully she will also receive constructive criticism in MSGs from other girls. She can expect to be reprimanded later by her Owner. But the worst reproach comes from within the girl, knowing that she has not been pleasing. Do not dwell on the discipline you receive for your mistakes, look at it for what it is, correction and training, an effort to reach the goal of perfection of service and submission to men.

  8. Develop your own style of serving and be as creative as possible. Your serve should be you, your personality, your movements, your quirks, your heart. :) For instance, a girl always has "dark hair cascading down her back in a smooth waterfall of silk," or something similar. This girl changes her signatures occasionally, as she learns more and comes up with new ideas. This girl strongly suggests you don't borrow parts of another girl's serves without asking first. It may seem that you are being flattering, but some girls will take this as an insult. This one tries to look at borrowing as a compliment, as imitation is a form of flattery. However, borrowing an entire dance or a serve from another slave is just plain rude. No slave owns words (or anything else), but after all, a girl spends a lot of time striving to perfect her service and add new elements that make it stand out as her own. Besides, it's never a good idea to serve doing exactly what the girl before you did, he wants to see you serve him from your heart. The expression and descriptions of the emotions you feel while serving, are just as, if not more, important than descriptions of your body and movements.

  9. BE DESCRIPTIVE. This girl can not emphasize that enough. Describe the flow of hair down your back, the simple engravings on the bowl you use to serve, the flutter of your heart or the burning you feel in your belly as you approach the man you are serving. All of these show your attention to detail and your desire to be pleasing to the One you serve. It should create an image of your emotions and your movements for the man you serve. However, there is a limit. Not every man enjoys a detailed serve, and you must adapt your style to the one you are serving. Choose your words carefully: the words you choose should have a purpose, showing your burning desire to serve and be pleasing, your love for your Master, your love of being a slave. Try to avoid repetition, for instance, describing the movement of your hips twice in the same serve.

The Basic Serve

Although a Gorean serve is not scripted, there are basic steps for any serve of food or drink. The description of yourself and your emotions as you serve are just as important, since serving is one of the most common duties of a slave girl in public. This is a girl's time to present herself well. Remember you are a direct reflection of your Master's training!  There are few things as wonderful as hearing one man complimenting another on the actions and service of his slave, especially if that slave is you! We list 10 basic steps that may comprise a serve. This list is by no means set in stone, or the script for some formal ceremony. You should use this list as an outline, adding or removing steps as the situation demands.

10 Basic Steps of a Serve:

  1. Beginning your serve
  2. Going to the service area
  3. Selecting and cleaning the utensil
  4. Getting and preparing the food or drink
  5. Returning to the Master
  6. Kneeling position and posture
  7. Pouring the drink
  8. The Kiss
  9. The Offering
  10. End of your service

This girl will now go into further detail about each part of the serve. Pagar sa-tarna, paga, will be used as an example, as it is probably the most common drink served.

1. Beginning your serve
The first part of beginning to serve consists of acknowledging the Master's command. Some girls may take this part for granted, but the man might not be pleased to sit and wait a few minutes for you to type out your first movements, as he waits to see if you heard his order. This also gives you a chance to check and make sure you understood him correctly.

If the man asks for paga:
Yes Master, paga right away.

The first pose might include descriptions of your body, and whether you are rising from the Master's feet or the serving furs. This first pose also serves to attract the attention of the Master you are serving and others present.

saruna{GDk} places tiny hands to the lush serving furs, firm round bottom sliding across slender ankles as she rises, delicate silver rings in her ears glinting in the soft lights, she steps quickly from the furs and turns rapt attention to the service area

2. Going to the serving area
This part of the serve isn't particularly difficult or technical, but it serves as a chance to show your attention to detail and pleasure at being allowed to serve the Master. Often channels have websites which include a descriptive layout. A girl could use this information to "weave her way through the low tables, past the giant map tiled in the floor," for example.

saruna{GDk} heads to the service area, tiny feet gently kissing the clay floor with each step, dark hair falling to her waist in a rush of shining silk, biting her lip softly, she steals a glance to the Master, body shivering as her eyes drink in his form

3. Selecting and cleaning the utensil
Here a girl simply selects a utensil and pulls it from the shelf. Different drinks are served in different vessels. It is just as important to know what vessel to use, as it is to know what you are serving. It's can be a nice touch to describe the color and texture of the vessel you will be using. This indicates you are putting thought and effort into the serve, not just going through the motions blindly. Also, here the slave can clean and inspect the utensil she uses. One would not, after all, serve a man from a dirty vessel. Since utensils are invariably found on high shelves or low cabinets (now why is that... ;) ), this is a another chance for you to describe your body.

saruna{GDk} lifts her deep eyes to the shelves, scanning unhurried for a bowl for the Master, her eyes fall upon a large bowl of yellow kalana wood, intricate patterns engraved into the surface, she steps close to the shelves, supple flesh caressed by rough wood as she rises to her toes, slender arms snaking to reach the prize, calves taut, thighs glistening...ruby lips curl into a smile as she reaches her prize, slipping it easily from the shelf, drawing her fingers along the surface, she checks for any imperfections, a clean rep cloth from the countertop, she rubs the bowl briskly until it shines

4. Getting or preparing the drink or food
This is one of the most intricate steps in any serve. Each drink has a particular way of being served (described elsewhere on this site). *Here a girl will be serving Pagar Sa-Tarna from a bota. Though this is not how this one has seen it served often in the books she's read, it is how it's served in most channels.

saruna{GDk} clutches the bowl to the flames within her belly as she steps away from the service area, sable eyes sparkling as she approaches the hearth, firelight lapping hungrily at golden skin...pressing a palm to each swollen bota, she slides the fullest and warmest from the rack, heavy weight supported upon her shoulder with ease, turning softly she pauses a moment, knowing the light outlines a slave's full curves, her eyes lifted to him, a devilish grin on pouty lips

5. Returning to the Master
Returning to the man is another time to show off the grace of your body as you move and the emotions you are experiencing in your heart. This section also lets him know you are returning to his feet.

saruna{GDk} with the grace of the larl, steps sure and even, she approaches him, each bounce of tawny breasts an invitation, silver bells ringing softly against slender ankles, she weaves through the low tables, her excitement, hep pure joy at serving the Master evident in every movement...she stands, heart pounding wildly within her breast, before him

6. Kneeling position and posture
A pleasure slave should kneel nadu before a Free Man (tower before a Free Woman) and openly display herself as a sensual and submissive creature. Although it is very tempting by this point to shorten things and leave this out, try to avoid simply typing "kneels in nadu at His feet." Although  your little fingers may be tired of typing, try to continue with what this one hopes has been a great serve thus far. Tower slaves or white silk slaves (unless kneeling before their Owner) would kneel in tower at this point.

saruna{GDk} floats to her knees before the Master, thighs falling apart widely, she straightens her back, ample breasts lifted to the Master for his pleasure, head raised proudly displaying her Master's collar, she lowers her eyes, gazing with love at his brand marked upon her thigh

7. Pouring the drink
This step is rather simple, and again can show a slave's cultural knowledge (obviously if you are serving food you skip this step). She can describe what the bota is made of, or she may have more preparation steps to complete if she is serving something like blackwine.

saruna{GDk} captures the bota between strong thighs, lowering her mouth to the cork, small teeth grasping firm, a toss of her head as she pulls it free...squeezing her thighs she coaxes the paga from its resting place, filling the wooden bowl carefully...recorking the bota she sets it aside, cupping the bowl in gentle hands

8. The Kiss
Since this step is standard to all serves, make a special attempt to be creative or stylized. This one has seen and used to perform four steps in this part of the serve, touching it to a girl's sex, her belly, her heart and then her lips, but she has not been able to find any reference to this in the books thus far. In the novels, a serving slave girl simply brings the drink to her belly, then her lips for a kiss, before offering it to the Master, her arms outstretched and her head lowered.

saruna{GDk} draws the bowl over curved thighs, path continuing along her taut belly, vessel licked by the flames of a kajira's passion, until it reaches its destination, a slave's luscious mouth, she touches crimson lips tenderly to the rim

9. The Offering
This entails bowing your head and lifting the vessel to the man. It also includes the words a slave speaks before handing the vessel to him. This section is always the most difficult for this slave, but be creative and try to think of new things to say. This is the end of your serve, and after working so hard you don't want to go out with a fizzle.

saruna{GDk} raises the bowl, turning the kiss to the Master, head lowered submissively between outstretched arms as she whispers...

Master this girl brings you refreshing paga, a strong drink to quench the Master's thirst, a girl prays you find the drink, and this slave before you, pleasing this evening

10. End of your service
This section details your actions after the Master has taken the utensil  from your hands. Your service does not stop once the vessel is gone. Even sitting quietly at his feet after you've delivered the vessel constitutes serving, until he tells you that you are dismissed. After you are dismissed, your actions as you leave his feet are also part of your overall service.

The Master reaches for the paga.
saruna{GDk} lowers her arms, sliding up a girl's thighs, delicate hands rest...the slave remains motionless, kneeling quietly at the Master's feet

The Master dismisses you.
saruna{GDk} softly whispers...Yes Master...her eyes lowered she leans forward, pressing a gentle kiss to the ground at his feet, backing away three full paces, as she rises crossing her hands above her heart she whispers...thank you Master for allowing this slave the pleasure of serving you...with a sweet smile she turns and hastens to the serving furs