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Greetings! A Gorean slave girl dances for the pleasure of her Master, to show her beauty, femininity, and need. Dancing is one of the most intense types of service a slave can perform. It's also one of the most terrifying on your first try! Here are a few basic tips on dancing, steps to creating your own dance, and a list of Gorean dances and examples. Although there are instructions for scripting a dance, a girl who has garnered some experience will dance spontaneously (as in serving) from her heart and belly.

A Few Basic Concepts:

  1. Each dance is a story of your joy, sorrow, pain, need or submission. You should always strive to dance from your heart, not simply copy elements from the dance of another girl. Watch and learn from others, but be original.

  2. The dance should have a definite beginning, middle and end, even those that don't have a prescribed sequence to the dance. Also, a girl might try to invent a little separator to insert between poses to make the dance easier to read. Something like ^*^*^* or ~*~*~*~.

  3. Try to keep the dance between 10-14 poses. A girl doesn't want to bore the man she is serving by dancing endlessly, but she doesn't want to displease him by appearing as if not enough effort was put into her service either. Each pose should be between 3-6 lines long. This means it won't get lost in the scroll in a busy channel, and hopefully it won't be too long and overflow the buffer.

  4. Add expression to your face and body, BE DESCRIPTIVE. Each dance is an expression of your emotions and your sensuality. A girl should dance her story, beauty or need as she feels it at that moment from her heart and belly, not from scripted movements or pop-ups (a girl's first dances are might be scripted, and she is able to dance spontaneously as she becomes more experienced).

  5. Timing is important in dancing. About 60 seconds are enough time between poses. Coincidentally, this should be just enough time for you to read what you just wrote, make sure it was correct and physically possible, and type out the next pose. Please try to refrain from using pop-ups, macros, or cutting and pasting. This distances you from your dance. It seems as if you aren't truly putting your heart into it. It also does not allow for that random element, i.e. the Man decides he doesn't need to see the rest of the dance and orders you to an alcove, you could get disconnected, anything.

  6. Modify your dance to fit your audience. Most importantly, you are dancing to please the man you are serving, who is only sometimes specifically your Master. If he likes breasts, incorporate a lot of that into your dance. If he likes for you to touch yourself, caress your body a lot. After all, what's the point if he is not pleased? That said, keep in mind there are times for blatant slave girl lust, and there are times for more subtle innuendo. Being sensual or sexual are not the same thing and each has its appropriate place.

  7. Please check your spelling as you type or before you press return. Also, take the time to consider whether your dance and transitions are actually physically possible. A girl might try to actually do a bit of the dance, or read it to herself out loud.

  8. Show other slaves the dance and solicit their opinions if you feel the need. However, if you ask for an opinion, expect an honest answer from those who care about you. Try not to get offended if it's not what you wanted to hear.

Create your own Dance

It can be difficult to know where to begin. This might be one of the hardest things. Try scripting your first couple of dances. This means create a basic timeline of events, and layer on top of that. Some dances have a natural progression of events or need a partner(s), like the Dance of the Six Thongs. Others are more free form. Keep this in mind as you begin to script the dance. Also remember that none of this is absolutely set in stone. A girl may go back and change poses or ideas at any time to fit her mood or vision of what she wants the dance to be.

  1. Make a draft outline of your ideas. Simply write down your random thoughts about what you would like to do in the dance (keeping in mind some dances may have specific steps). After you have finished writing down these ideas, arrange them into steps. The sequence should have a logical beginning, middle and end.

  2. Fill in the descriptions of the dance, step by step. A girl should add descriptions of her movements and the mood of the dance. But don't worry, adjectives will be added in the next step.

  3. Fill in the descriptions with many, many adjectives (many) and polish and edit each pose. Remember typos and misspellings detract from the overall effect of your dance. You are telling a story, try to make your mental images come across so that those watching can understand and truly see what you are feeling. If you can't fit everything into one pose, feel free to split it into two poses, making sure you include transitions so they flow from one to the other. But don't get bogged down with TOO much detail slave girls, remember the idea that the dance should be between 10-14 poses.

  4. The dance should have at least four sections, a beginning, build up, climax and end. The beginning consists of a girl moving to the dance area or preparing to begin. The build up is the progression of events leading to the climax of the dance. In certain dances, this progression may be predefined. Remember that you are telling a story with your moods and movements. The climax is usually a pose or two from the end of the dance. It is the moment where a girl realizes she is slave or submits, it depends on which dance a girl is performing. A girl should put a lot of effort into this section of the dance as it is the centerpiece of her performance. Finally, the end pose is a clear sign that the dance has come to an end. Some girls like to nadu, some to collapse to the floor at the feet of the man they are serving. It depends on the preferences of the man and the audience for which you are performing.