Welcome to the Bosk&Tarn


The original gorean madhouse

You have been wandering far, but now you have come to a place to rest and enjoy it's beauty and the feeling to be an honored guest...

There are just a few simple rules, that we must beg you to obey . Doing so will make you a real guest ..... Otherwise we might decide that this place is not the right one for you and ask you to leave...


Most important: This is a true gorean place! If you don't know what this means, please see our short information about Gor.

The Bosk&Tarn lies in the outskirts of Port Kar, the famous Tarn of the Sea, facing gleaming Thassa, the wonderful ocean of Gor with all its beauties and dangers. It is owned by YamaRaja and his Free Companion, Mahamari, the wonderful Panther!!

(For those interested, here is our Joining Ceremony)



Our home, the Bosk&Tarn

(This is a link to a loving description of our home, created by Mahamari, Ubara of the Bosk&Tarn)


Leaving Port Kar to the north, following the road along the shore of Thassa, you will soon see a huge house, looking unusually northern this close to Port Kar.


It is built of large logs of term wood, a high roof protecting it from harsh weathers, windows looking like diamonds in the rays of sunlight, that gleaming Thassa reflects on them.


There is green around the house, a passage way leading towards it, and you can spot a very rich garden, that lies between house and Thassa.


When you enter the home, be aware that it is not an inn, not a tavern, but the HOME of a family.
We love to have guests and a busy house, but it remains our home, so we ask you to behave appropriately :)


After you have stepped through the heavy wooden doors, you are right in the huge living room, a room with tiled floors, a fireplace at the far wall, close to it our cherished and honored Homestone, windows that allow you to see gleaming Thassa, and, in the center, a ring with the dancing sand and a pole.

The walls are made of thick logs of term wood, some spots covered with axes, quiva, whips, slave chains and other things, that are always needed in the house of a Master and a Mistress, a member of the Scarlet Caste and a strong, fiercePanther.

Throughout the room, there are soft furs covering the tiles, piling up to an incredible heap close to the fireplace, Mahamari's preferred place. Just in case you picked a bad say to visit, you might not find any furs except those on the ever-growing pile, but this rarely ever happens....

Close to the servery, there are mats and furs for slaves, allowing them to see the room, and to react to the needs of Free Persons.


If you say that this is a strange living room, you may be right, but we never said that we are NOT strange, did we?


On the left of the living room 5 doors lead to other rooms.
The one all across the living room leads the Master and Mistress's private room, a room that nobody except the hosts may enter.

The next doorleads to Zorr0's room, a room, that is there to constantly assure him, that Bosk&Tarn is his home, no matter how much or how far he wanders. The floor is covered with silky kaiila furs!

The next one belongs to Amanish, rich and comfortable with a very strong male touch.

The next one is the room that Zane^. calls his...it has extra strength walls, and a wealth of furs..


The closest door on the left leads to a rest room.


On the right side of the living room, there are 6doors, 3 of them that lead to nicely furnished rooms, all provided with soft furs, a tidy bed, water to clean whatever you want to clean and each with a small window ... These rooms are for guests that stay over night, or want some privacy, to do whatever they want to do.

The first door to the right leads to ^Kondrad^'s room ..... all furry and soft.


The third door is the one to WyldFae's personal room. A room worthy to be the one of a proud Panther!

The fourth door leads to Troll-'s room, and quite a room that is! Full of furs, filled with the echoes of laughter! The room of the En'Sword of Bosk&Tarn....



In the far right corner, a half height swing door leads to our servery.
In the servery there are all the shelves and racks, holding vessels, wine, and all the major drinks that Gor so readily offers.

In the servery, there also is the hearth, providing hot water and warmth.
On the right side of the servery, a heavy door allows entrance to the cold storage.


Another door is leading out to the back of the house where a beautiful garden awaits it's visitors to indulge into the fragrances and colors......

If you decide to go there, you will notice that jasmine and gardenia are growing there .... The seeds for these have been brought back by YamaRaja himself from a trip aboard a ship of acquisition, that lead him to earth and back to Gor .... .A long story, that he might decide to tell on a quiet night...


At the far right of the garden, right at where it meets the second garden, you see the well, that so generously provides our home with sweet water.


Close to the house, there are our kennels, small retreats for our slaves, always offering some empty space for new additions :)


Between kennels and garden, a narrow boardwalk is leading to the shore of shining Thassa....


The Bosk&Tarn, a place, where Goreans meet to talk, drink and be merry.



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