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The favorite vessels:

Mahamari - A goblet of crystal seeming magical in the way it turns from the purest aqua to a deep azure with gold trim on the rim and a matching mug of the same color....both carry the pictures of an axe and a bow on their sides...

YamaRaja - A black and gold goblet, made of black steel with golden ornaments, and the pictures of a Bosk and a Tarn shining from the sides

Troll- - The skull of an enemy, polished to a deep, translucent ebony shine and with a handle of shiny bronze

Zorr0 - An ice blue goblet , etched in its side a picture of grey-eyed Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war


Description of the Bosk and Tarn servery.

Upon exiting the main room to the servery and kitchen you will see first a large L shaped counter and behind this will be shelves along the wall. The shelves contain the many vessels and platters needed for serving. Goblets, footed bowls, mugs, horns, tankards and so on. Up on the high shelves are the special personalized goblets belonging to members of the Family.

Under the counter are the polished temwood trays for serving. As well as small spoons for the sugars which are also kept under the counter. If you walk back through a wide door you will enter the kitchen. Remember this is a private home so we do have a kitchen and such.

As you enter the kitchen you are struck by a warm cozy glow. A hearth that is usually blazing with a fire is on the left wall, to the right is the washing area. In the middle of the warm tiled room is a huge wooden table with heavy cutting boards and knives chained to the surface for the preparation of foods.

Along the back wall are pots and pans, heavy kettles and the smaller ones for the heating of paga, kalda, blackwyne, etc. A shelf over by the hearth holds beans for the making of blackwyne, the pestle and mortar, tea leaves, spices and dried fruits for adding flavors.

At the back of the kitchen there is a door that leads to the garden and the well.

Next to the kitchen door at the entry to the servery is another wide wooden door. This leads to the cool room. Once you enter it, itis well laid out. First are the ice buckets with chipped ice. Along the walls are shelves with baskets and platters of fruit and pitchurs of bosk cream and water. Racks containing kalana and paga. Pitchers of fresh fruit juices line several shelves. At the very back are casks with ale and mead.

As we like to see our slaves hard at work this is all set up within veiwing distance of the Free in the main room. We extend our welcomes and hope you enjoy our home as you visit. But, please remember this is OUR home. And treat it as you would have others treat your own home.

May the wind always be at your back.

Mahamari, Ubara of the B&T