Welcome to the Bosk&Tarn


The original gorean madhouse

Bosk and Tarn:
A Visitors Haven.


Imagine a place that accepts without question. A home of light and airy people that are friendly
and warm. Something that in itself is rare in a Tavern or an Inn. Simply for the fact that this
is a Home and nothing more or less than that. It's name is deceiving I'll grant that. Given by
it's creator and builder YamaRaja of Torvaldsland. A great big bear of a man with an eye for all
beautiful and grace full. And a sense of the odd and unexpected. But, he is who he is and that is
all anyone will find.

I was a visitor once upon a time. A Panther from the forests that could not keep herself out of
the cities. An uncommon species I am..the sociable Panther..something not generally found free
and running eh? But, I drag myself back to the story here. I was tired of the Inn's and the
Taverns and the constant blathering..that should perk up a few ears, don't you think? I stumble
upon this home. Very lovely from the edges of Port Kar, a towering place of temwood and obviously
built with great care and much love. Only going by my own humble opinion the home was simply

What a warm reception I felt upon walking up that colorful path with the Thassa roaring behind
me. The wonderful warmth of the hearth blazing, well kept and tended...the main rooms sparkling
clean and dotted with flowers and tapestries of the Northlands.

That Jarl, the bear I mentioned at the start? There he was to greet me and show me the homestone.
I was fascinated by him. Perhaps my downfall. I doubt many will have the same end I have had.
Lucky me. (wide grin here)

At that time the gardens didn't exist, those were the creations of myself and the girl dayita. As
was the servery. I give all credit for the main room to YamaRaja though. Except for Mount Panther.
I worked hard on that project.

What would a visitor find in here? A roaring fire, slaves ready to serve and if not I myself or
Yama will do the honor. Always a kind ear and willing shoulder. Love care and a control that
I don't see often. Our rules are simple. This is our home, treat it and us with respect as You
would expect or wish your home treated.

As you might expect from anyplace there are furs, low tables, well placed thalerion lamps for
lighting. Also as you enter there are hooks for hanging cloaks and packs if you wish and a table
for weapons. Please do not start fights. The Ubara of the Home..namely me..carries her darts and
daggers at all times. No, it's not a threat so don't get your panties in a wad guys. Furs and low
tables are scattered about the main room for anyone visiting and for our regulars and our family

Perhaps you will walk in on a lighthearted atmosphere where there are jokes being told and laughter.
Do not be afraid to join in on it. All are welcome. We encourage free speech from kajirae so long
as proper respect is shown at all times. Respect is something I in particular am a stickler for.
But, again, I stray off course. (laughs) I tend to do that. I'm sure most of you will enjoy our
home and perhaps as I did wish to stay. And I'm sure some will find us too light for their liking.
In that case, there are plenty of Inn's and Tavern's in Port Kar.

So, in the end, I fare thee most well and wish thee safe journeys where ever you may roam.

May the winds always be at your back.

Mahamari, Ubara of the Bosk and Tarn


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