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Gorean Ale
Closer to a honey lager than to an ale or beer. A deep gold in colour
brewed from the grains of Gor and hops imported from earth in the early years.
Stored in kegs in the cold room, served in a tankard at the Master's feet.

Bazi Tea
There is no ceremony mentioned in the books at all. A herbal beverage served hot and heavily sugared. Traditionally served in 3 tiny cups at a time, in rapid succession.
From the shelves get a tray, three small bazi tea cups and saucers, plates of white and yellow sugar and teapot. Steep the tea and pour out a little to test before going to the Master. Kneel and add the sugars to each cup and offer each cup up one at a time in rapid succession.

Black Wyne
Earth coffee (smuggled) expensive drink, also grown in the Thentis Mountains.
From the shelves get a tray, small black wyne cups, sometimes a mug, but it is very strong so stick to small cups, small saucers of white and yellow sugar, and bosk milk or cream, also three spoons. If the Master asks for "second slave" it means He wants it black, if He asks for first slave, it means He wants it with sugar and milk. Ask before you leave for the serviery if He wishes first or second slave, and ask at His feet how many sugars He wishes. Stir the white and yellow sugar and the milk in with a clean spoon after every condiment. Usually found in kettles on the fires.

Breeding Wine

A beverage made from the extract of the Teslik plant. It counteracts the contraceptive effects of slave wine, making a slave girl fertile. It is also called second wine.
This would be served to a girl by her Master in the event she is to be bred with a handsome male slave. Such breeding is done with both slaves hooded so they do not see each other. It is black in colour.
It is bitter to taste and lasts for more than a Gorean month.


This drink is very expensive and rarely served. It is made from beans brought back from early Voyages of Acquisition. It is the same as chocolate on Earth. Generally it is only served in higher establishments.
It is served hot and from bowls or mugs.

Falarian Wine

An exquisite wine, very rare.
It is so expensive it is rumoured to pay the price of a City. It is only owned by collectors.
Served in a goblet at the Master's feet from special bottles.

Fermented Milk Curds

Traditional alcoholic beverage of the Tuchuks. It is made from bosk milk and very potent.
Served in a bowl at the Master's feet.


A potent red wine made from the fruit of the ka-la-na, served as ordered.
Warmed or hot Ka-la-na is heated in copper pots and served in the Gorean enamel trimmed clay bowl called a crater. Chilled Ka-la-na is served in a goblet and is known to have an aphrodesiac effect on Women. Take note never to serve ka-la-na in a silver goblet to a Free Person, as it creates poisons in the ka-la-na and you will be seen as trying to kill the Free Person.


This is made from Ka-la-na mixed with citrus juices and spiced (hot stinging spices not like the sweet ones of mulled ka-la-na).
It is served in a footed bowl ladeled from pots in the firepit and taken to the Master's feet.

Liana Vine

This is a rainforest plant, which is a source of drinking water.
Served in a goblet or bowl.


This is a beverage of the Northlands, made of fermented honey, water and spice.
It is served in a horn, taken from a tankard and brought to the Master's feet.


There are three types of milk mentioned in the books. Bosk milk - sweet tasting, Verr milk - almost like goats milk, Kaiila milk - red in colour and salty tasting.
No mention is made of what it is served in, but it is collected fresh each day and stored, either in a chill room, or at room temperature, and served in a container at the Master's feet.

Mulled Ka-la-na

This is heated Ka-la-na, with mulling spices, and is usually garnished with a piece of ka-la-na fruit or tospit.
It is kept hot in pots in the firepit and served hot in a goblet at the Master's feet.


This is a grain based, distilled hard liquor, akin to Earth whiskey (shortened from Pagar-Sa-Tarna meaning "Pleasure of the Life Daughter")
Paga is served in a multitude of ways - hot, room temperature or cold, and in vessels such as a kantharos (footed bowl - most popular) goblets, cups or straight from the bota. Be sure to ask the Master which temperature He requires for His paga.

Palm Wine

This beverage is mentioned in Explorers of Gor on page 249, but no description is available.
It is served in a goblet and the Master's feet.

Rence Beer

Steeped and fermented from the pith (centre stem) and crushed seeds of the plant, rarely found outside the Rence islands.
Placed within a tankard or mug from gourd flaggons and taken to the Master's feet.

Sul Paga

This is an alcoholic beverage made from suls. It is yellow and clear - akin to Everclear - it is very potent and never guzzled down although it is fairly tasteless.
Served in a footed bowl from a bota at the Master's feet.

Ta Wine

This is white wine made from the sweet Ta grapes found on the terraces of Cos.
Served either chilled or room temperature at the Master's feet from a bottle.

Turian Liquers

These are sweet liquors, thickened, likened to dessert wines and liquers found on Earth, mostly found in Turia.
Served in tiny glasses, either from a bota or bottle at the Master's feet.

Other Wines Mentioned

"In a Gorean supper in a house of wealth, in the course of the supper, with varied courses, eight to ten wines might be served, each suitably and congruously matched with respect to texture and bouquet, not only to one another but to the accompanying portions of food."
Fight Slave of Gor
page 277

These wines are light and white, some famed from Turia and Ar.
Served as asked for, either chilled or room temperature in a goblet from a bottle at the Master's feet.


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