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kajirae/kajirii of the #Bosk&Tarn


Beloved...that is both her name and what she is- tender, soft, so eager to learn....and with a heart, that burns for her Master and her home.

She is restricted to the serve of food and drinks only by the word of her Master.


dayita{YR}'s ko'laring ceremony


...woman with intoxicating eyes...

That describes her so well, but ithere is much, much more: She is devoted, she is striving with heart and soul to serve and please....She is special!


Mahamari's girl!

ray of hope - This name stands for so much.

Again the circle of life closes, and something that had to be is accomplished!

rabe[M] A raven caught in a Panther's cage...Strengthm grace and eagerness to serve his Mistress all combine in this fine boy!



...a heart big as the sky...

And all of that heart belongs to his Mistress Mahamari



Masters/Mistresses of the #Bosk&Tarn

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