dayita{YR}'s ko'laring on 09/26/01


[17:35] * YamaRaja looks around the room, smiling at all that have gathered here :)
[17:36] <YamaRaja> kryanna, to me :)
[17:36] <YamaRaja> harta!
[17:37] * nadira{SR}fg settles down remaining quiet as sh elistens to the quiet room
[17:38] * kryanna slender legs unfold as she raises to small feet... the glow of the fire highlight shimmering flesh as she glides across the room... melting to his feet.. bows her head... delicate wrists cross as golden arms reach to the three moons of Gor as a soft voice begs
[17:38] * nadira{SR}fg smiles to kryanna
[17:39] <nadira{SR}fg> its ok nothing is set in stone Master
[17:39] <kryanna> Master, this girl has known you for a long time.. to this one fate has brought us back together.. kryanna knows that deep in her you are the Master she wants... a girl wants you to owner her mind body and soul... this one wants to wear your ko'lar
[17:40] * YamaRaja smiles softly listening to kryanna :)
[17:40] <kryanna> Master a girl loves you as no other
[17:41] <kryanna> a girl will never bring dishonor to you or your home or your family.. this one longs to be yours
[17:42] * YamaRaja looks at the girl, green eyes shimmering softly, reflecting the flames of the fire ...
[17:42] * SilentRider watches in silence as stroke nadira's hair
[17:42] * kryanna melts downward to his feet hugging them tight.. laying her cheek on them with tears in her eyes begs
[17:43] <kryanna> Master a girl longs for your ko'lar to be owned by you.. to be your.. to please you and to love you as no other mind body and soul
[17:43] * YamaRaja smiles at the girl at his feet...
[17:43] <kryanna> Master a girl will wear your ko'lar with pride and honor and will bring pleasure to you always
[17:44] <YamaRaja> kryanna...
[17:44] <YamaRaja> Assume the ko'laring position!
[17:45] * kryanna quickly kneels at Master YamaRaja's feet.. leaning back on tiny heels.. arms out stretched ... bows her head as her delicate wrists come together
[17:45] * YamaRaja looks at the girl...
[17:46] <YamaRaja> His eyes locking on hers...
[17:46] <YamaRaja> kryanna.....
[17:46] <YamaRaja> Wearing my ko'lar will not be easy...
[17:46] <kryanna> Yes Master
[17:46] <YamaRaja> You know that I have many things that might make me appear to be a bad Master...
[17:47] <kryanna> you could never be a bad Master
[17:47] <YamaRaja> You are aware of the fact, that there might be times, when I can not be online to meet you?
[17:47] <kryanna> yes Master
[17:47] * Mahamari glances up, sliding down from the counter and gliding across the room, black silk shifting around, delicately molding to her breasts and hips, flaring from coiled thighs to brush in a whispering kiss on the cool tiles..bare feet stop, keeping her back slightly with slender hands curling loosely at her sides..she waits
[17:48] <YamaRaja> You know that my heart i sgiven to my mate? I do not say that you won't get love....but my LOVE is Mahamari!
[17:48] <kryanna> yes Master
[17:48] <YamaRaja> You promise to work hard, work harder than you ever diod to please me and to show your respect for that ko'lar?
[17:49] * SilentRider nods,
[17:49] <kryanna> yes Master a girl promises
[17:49] * nadira{SR}fg smiles softly as she remembers her collaring and watches in silence
[17:49] * YamaRaja bends forward, taking up a box of polished wood....
[17:50] * YamaRaja opens the box, and reveals a ko'lar of black steel.....
[17:50] <YamaRaja> A ring, the symbol of eternity....made of steel the symbol for a heavy burden...
[17:51] <YamaRaja> The rounded metal bears the symbols of a bosk and a tarn, golden inlays shimmering in the light...
[17:51] * nadira{SR}fg looks up to the kolar and gasp as the stunning beauty appears
[17:51] * kryanna with body trembling gasps at the beauty
[17:51] <kryanna> oh Master
[17:51] <YamaRaja> Between them are a capital Y and a capital R...
[17:52] * YamaRaja takes the ko'lar out of the box, holding it, so the friends in the room can see it clearly...
[17:52] * SilentRider nods at the beauty of the Ko`lar,
[17:52] <YamaRaja> kryanna...
[17:52] <YamaRaja> Answer me now...
[17:52] <SilentRider> tis a splenid Ko`lar YM
[17:52] <YamaRaja> What are you?
[17:53] <kryanna> yes Master
[17:53] <kryanna> this girl is a slave
[17:53] <YamaRaja> And what does that slave want more than everything else?
[17:53] <kryanna> to please you Master
[17:54] <YamaRaja> Why is that your wish, kryanna?
[17:54] <kryanna> because this one is a slave
[17:54] * YamaRaja nods...
[17:54] <YamaRaja> kryanna, before all these honorable witnesses I ask you:
[17:55] <YamaRaja> I sit your wish to take this ko'lar? Is it your will to take it?
[17:55] <kryanna> yes Master
[17:55] <YamaRaja> Love?
[17:55] <YamaRaja> Please join us here :)
[17:55] * Mahamari looks at him, stepping forward within the caress of black silk and crimson mane
[17:56] <YamaRaja> Please honor this girl by holding her hair away...
[17:56] * Mahamari leans forward from the waist, reaching out, crimson mane tumbling forward over shoulders, framing a pale face, clinging to pale lips, shadowing cool grey eyes...slim hands capture and lift the curls of the girl away from her bare throat...preparing her for the weight of the ko`lar..
[17:57] * YamaRaja smiles brightly....
[17:57] * kryanna trembles as tears stream down her cheeks
[17:57] * YamaRaja takes the collar, opens it and puts it on kryanna's neck......Cold metal touching the vulnerable softness of her neck...
[17:58] * YamaRaja looks at his love, then his eyes return to kryanna....
[17:58] <YamaRaja> kryanna, it is a wise example that I am going to follow now....
[17:58] <YamaRaja> I have put this ko'lar on you...
[17:59] <YamaRaja> But it will be YOUR hand that locks it....YOU will seal that token of my owbership and your slavery...
[17:59] * SilentRider nods at the wisdom of the action
[18:00] * Mahamari retains her light hold, waiting for the lock to be sealed
[18:00] * kryanna 's shaking hand reach for the ko'lar snaping it together.. smiles brightly as the click can be hear round the room
[18:00] <YamaRaja> Whew!
[18:00] * nadira{SR}fg smiles at her beautiful sister as a hint of a joyful tear appears in her eye jumping hearing the click of the kolar
[18:00] * Fae2 laughs watching
[18:00] <YamaRaja> kryanna...what is your name?
[18:01] * Mahamari releases the girls hair and moves back again, walking to the counter and leaning against the wooden edge
[18:01] * Fae2 smiles
[18:01] <kryanna> a girl has no name but that which you give her Master
[18:01] * YamaRaja nods
[18:01] <YamaRaja> From this minute on you will be known as dayitaYR
[18:01] <YamaRaja> An ancient name
[18:01] *** Mahamari is now known as Maha`afk
[18:02] <kryanna> yes Master
[18:02] <YamaRaja> In the earthern language of Hindi it means: beloved
[18:02] <YamaRaja> And that is what you are now!
[18:02] <kryanna> yes Master
[18:02] *** kryanna is now known as kayita{YR}
[18:03] <kayita{YR}> oops
[18:03] * Maha`afk bows and silently slips off for a moment
[18:03] *** kayita{YR} is now known as dayita{YR}
[18:03] <YamaRaja> Go register you name, dayita YR
[18:03] * nadira{SR}fg smiles understanding how nervous dayita is
[18:03] <dayita{YR}> a girl isn't sure how Master
[18:03] <YamaRaja> Then return to get your silks from my hand :)
[18:03] <YamaRaja> nadiraSRfg, can you help here?
[18:03] <dayita{YR}> yes Master
[18:03] <YamaRaja> Thank you :)
[18:04] <YamaRaja> And I want the whois to read:
[18:04] <nadira{SR}fg> yes Master YamaRaja
[18:04] <YamaRaja> beloved, owned by YamaRaja, protected and restricted
[18:04] <Boesartig> *Boesartig is ready to defend his home, with claws sharp as blades! His green eyes are shooting rays of light, and is tail is whipping the air!*
[18:04] <YamaRaja> Down, Boes :)
[18:04] * dayita{YR} giggles
[18:05] * YamaRaja looks at her....
[18:05] <dayita{YR}> a girls name is fixed Master may this one go and fix her whois
[18:05] * YamaRaja nods with a smile :)
[18:06] <nadira{SR}fg> congratulations Master YamaRaja and dayita
[18:06] *** cilean ( has joined #Bosk&Tarn
[18:06] * YamaRaja smiles at the scribe slave :)
[18:06] <SilentRider> congradulations YamaRaja, a grand Ko`laring
[18:06] <YamaRaja> Greetings cilean :)
[18:06] <YamaRaja> Thank you SilentRider :))
[18:06] <YamaRaja> Thank you very much :)
[18:06] *** dayita{YR} has left #Bosk&Tarn (QUIT: the sound of tiny slave bells fills the air as she disappears from sight)
[18:06] <Fae2> nicely done Yama
[18:07] *** Zig2k{p} ( has joined #Bosk&Tarn
[18:07] <YamaRaja> When the girl is gone I will admit how nervous I have been :)
[18:07] <Fae2> Tal Zig
[18:07] <YamaRaja> Tal Zig2kp :)
[18:07] <Troll--> Tal Zig2kp
[18:07] * cilean slips quietly to the doorway, dropping to her knees, bending slavebody in half, arms reaching foward in supplication, begging quietly may cilean enter?
[18:07] <Fae2> it went nicely as well as smoothly
[18:07] <SilentRider> Tal Zig2kp
[18:07] <Troll--> greetings cilean
[18:07] <Fae2> enter cilean
[18:07] <SilentRider> nadira you may greet
[18:07] <YamaRaja> ty Fae :)
[18:07] <nadira{SR}fg> yes Master thank you
[18:07] <Zig2k{p}> Greetings all.
[18:07] <nadira{SR}fg> greetings Master Zig2kp tis nice to see you once again
[18:07] <Zig2k{p}> Bondage is really slow today.
[18:08] * cilean lifts up, smiling thank you, Mistress Fae, and greetings
[18:08] <Zig2k{p}> nice to see you too nadia
[18:08] * YamaRaja nods
[18:08] <YamaRaja> nadiraSRfg, when she returns...
[18:08] <Fae2> Yama just collard his new lass
[18:08] <Zig2k{p}> how is everyone today?
[18:08] <YamaRaja> Will you do me the favor and hand me the white silks that I have prepared for her?
[18:08] * cilean rises to her feet, mvoing quickly to the serving furs, dropping to a widely splayed kneel, soft hands resting palms to the moons upon creamy thighs
[18:08] *** dayita{YR} ( has joined #Bosk&Tarn
[18:08] * nadira{SR}fg smiles back to the door
[18:08] <cilean> cilean offers warm greetings, Jarl YamaRaja
[18:09] *** GorLib sets mode: +v dayita{YR}
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, Master SilentRider
[18:09] <YamaRaja> Welcome home dayitaYR :)
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, Master Zig2k
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, Mistress Fae
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, Mistress Maha
[18:09] *** Zig2k{p} has left #Bosk&Tarn (QUIT: )
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, nadira
[18:09] <cilean> greetings, dayita
[18:10] *** Fae2 is now known as Fae`awT
[18:10] * dayita{YR} quickly returns to kneel at her Masters feet
[18:10] <cilean> oh! cilean begs forgiveness, Master Troll, she didn't see you
[18:10] <cilean> cilean offers warm greetings, Master Troll
[18:10] * YamaRaja smiles at his girl
[18:11] <YamaRaja> nadiraSRfg, the silks please...
[18:11] * dayita{YR} smiles brightly at the sound
[18:11] <SilentRider> greetings, cilean
[18:11] <nadira{SR}fg> Yes Master YamaRaja
[18:11] <YamaRaja> Thank you, nadiraSRfg :)
[18:11] * nadira{SR}fg rises and moves close to the Master and dayita droping to her knees lifting the package up to him with a soft smile on her face
[18:12] * YamaRaja takes it and smiles to nadiraSRfg...I thank you :)
[18:12] <YamaRaja> dayitaYR....I want you to know the meaning of these silks...
[18:12] <nadira{SR}fg> nadira pleasure Master
[18:12] <dayita{YR}> yes Master
[18:12] * nadira{SR}fg rises and retreats back to her spot
[18:12] * YamaRaja untues the package, takes out the silks and shows them to her:
[18:12] * dayita{YR} leans up to see
[18:13] *** Maha`afk is now known as Mahamari
[18:13] * Mahamari slips in silently and smiles at cilean as she leans against the counter
[18:13] <YamaRaja> They are white, indicating your status.....the seams are black, showing my color.....You will also get a length of black binding fibre to use as a belt....
[18:13] *** Mahamari sets mode: +v cilean
[18:13] * cilean whispers quietly, so as not to disturb greetings, Mistress Maha
[18:14] * YamaRaja hands dayitaYR the silks and the fibre
[18:14] * Mahamari raises cool grey eyes up
[18:14] * nadira{SR}fg gasp at the beauty of the silks
[18:14] <Mahamari> Congratulations Yama and dayita
[18:14] <YamaRaja> Put them on :)
[18:14] * dayita{YR} 's mouth drop open at the sight of such beautiful likes
[18:14] <YamaRaja> Thank you my love :))))
[18:14] * dayita{YR} grins
[18:14] <YamaRaja> And welöcome back to our home :)
[18:14] <Mahamari> It is as it should be
[18:14] * YamaRaja nods
[18:15] * dayita{YR} reaches with shaking hands to take the silk
[18:15] <dayita{YR}> stands hold the silk close to her body to feel the softness as she slide them over her head falling over her slender frame
[18:16] * cilean whispers to Mistress may cilean offer service?
[18:16] * dayita{YR} wraps the black belt around her waist gently looping it to hold the silks to the outline of her body
[18:16] * Mahamari turns, lifting from the end of the counter a silver tray, crystal goblets and one black steel goblet ring the tray...each having been filled with chilled kalana and iced...slender fingers cradle the tray in a delicate hand as she glides to Yama, quietly handing him his own black goblet and stepping back..
[18:17] * YamaRaja 's eyes widen....
[18:17] <YamaRaja> I thank you so much my love :)
[18:17] * YamaRaja grabs dayitaYR, who still is busy, and hugs her very tightly.....
[18:18] * Mahamari bows slightly as she holds her burden, silent feet carry her to Fae and Troll, a slender hand offers each a crystal goblet filled with the crimson kalana...
[18:18] * cilean bites her lip, watching Mistress
[18:18] * dayita{YR} 's hands run up and down the soft silk feeling the texture beneather her small fingers
[18:18] * YamaRaja bends his head, soft lips meeting his girl's and kisses her warmly :)
[18:18] * dayita{YR} hugs him back
[18:18] <YamaRaja> Welcome home, dayitaYR :)))
[18:18] * dayita{YR} kisses him back softly
[18:18] * dayita{YR} grins
[18:19] <dayita{YR}> thank you Master
[18:19] * Fae`awT nods taking both hers and Trolls goblets in hand
[18:19] * Mahamari bows slightly and again steps back, turning amidst black silken bonds, delicately walking to SilentRider..holding out the last goblet filled with kalana to eyes drift to the fires and then back...
[18:19] * Fae`awT slips his to his hand remaining as she is
[18:19] <YamaRaja> Now, I want you sit on my lap and count all your nerves...just to make sure that you didn't loose any :)
[18:20] <dayita{YR}> Master a girl has one thing if she may first please
[18:20] * nadira{SR}fg covers her mouth hearing Master YamaRaja and stiffles a giggle that swells inside her
[18:20] * SilentRider chuckles,
[18:20] * YamaRaja looks at his girl.....Go ahead, dayitaYR :)
[18:20] <YamaRaja> Peeing? *lol*
[18:21] * dayita{YR} grins at the sound of that.. stands running to nadira.. getting a box and bringing it back to kneels before her Master again
[18:21] * dayita{YR} giggles
[18:21] * nadira{SR}fg hands dayita the small box
[18:21] * dayita{YR} hold the box high as soft voice lifts
[18:22] <dayita{YR}> Master would you please put these away for a girl.. these contain gift from before.. a girl would like only one exception please..
[18:22] * YamaRaja listens
[18:23] <dayita{YR}> for a girl birthday a friend Chief GreyFleer gave this one a blue stone braclet with her Sioux name on it.. this one would like to still wear it if possible
[18:23] * Mahamari carries the empty tray back and retrieves one more tray, three goblets of chilled and iced fruit juice residing on it...silently she stops at the slaves furs and sets one next to cilean, bowing and stepping back...whispers of silk carry her to set one at the feet of nadira and she steps back...only to place the last of the goblets of juice next to the new slave of her mate..turning she steals away to the counter..
[18:23] * YamaRaja looks at her....
[18:23] <YamaRaja> Then nods with a smile :)
[18:23] <YamaRaja> Aye, you may.....:)
[18:23] * dayita{YR} grins brightly thank you Master
[18:23] <dayita{YR}> oh thank you
[18:23] <dayita{YR}> thank you
[18:23] * cilean blinks at Mistress, then smiles, picking up the juice, whispering thank you, Mistress
[18:24] * Mahamari replaces the now empty trays, her eyes falling, flowing mane redgold on black...hands held loosely over her waist
[18:24] * nadira{SR}fg peeks to her Master pondering if she may taste of the juice
[18:24] * YamaRaja puts the box in his chest, making sure that it remains dayitaYR's box...just put in a safe place...
[18:24] <dayita{YR}> thank you Master
[18:24] * cilean smiles to Mistress
[18:25] * dayita{YR} peeks at Mistress
[18:25] <YamaRaja> Now come to my lap, dayitaYR......Where you belong...and bring the juice with you :)