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Panthergirls are the fabled panther girls of many of the Gorean forests, such bands being comprised of
wildwomen of the forest, former Gor FreeWomen, and runaway female slaves, who have fled from male Gorean society and taken up residence amidst the primitive camps of the dark forbidding hidden
unexplored woodlands. Many sightings have occurred; however; some still consider it a myth. These
panther girls are strong, physically and mentally, and fierce fighters when encountered.

Their weapons of choice are slim spears, short bows, and hunting knives, along with poisoned darts and needles. They survive by trading with the inhabitants of certain secret settlements for difficult to obtain supplies. The Panthergirls also survive by hunting and trapping game in the wild. They may also use natural forest pheromones to lure specialized prey, a pleasant perfume that sedates as well as attracts.
Some of their traps are designed for netting small as well as larger game, including males who wander into their territories, who they enslave and barter for goods. They are free-women. Rumor consistently surface that many Gor Masters and Gorean FreeWomen in Gorean Settlements have secret dealings with these panthergirl camps, procuring their slaves, by trading goods for them.

These panthergirls are an independent breed and are cautious about accepting newcomers to their ranks. All males who seek them out and are found in their territory are either killed, captured by them, or sold as slaves, in trade for civilized foodstuffs and items of equipment they need. Rare is the Master or free-male who is invited into their camps, or who isn’t captured when venturing too near their territory. Even rarer is the free male who is not captured or enslaved by them. If the male shows sufficient skills to assist them in their survival; however, he may be reasonably safe, but must be especially wary in camp. If the male amuses them, or shows sufficient submissiveness to them, he is a candidate for more caring treatment. It is not uncommon for a panthergirl to have in her possession one or more "white silk slaves," male slaves or kajiruus chosen for their appearance, their submissive disposition, their handsomeness, and their sexual vigor. Those who have been trained to serve sexually or are willing to submit to their unquestioned rule may be safe for longer periods of time, often until they die, but will often be physically restrained. They will use the males or boys as they are known, abuse them, and when they are finally bored with them, sell them as slaves. All males are at risk when encountering these panthergirls, including Gorean Masters.

Gorean Masters fear them so much they usually send a female slave to do any trading with them. Masters are unwilling to take the risk of being captured or suddenly discover their guest status has been terminated immediately with a panther girl's leash. Most female slaves and Free Women travel safely, to and from panther girl camps, unless they suspicion them to be spies, often are given generously to, and acquire far more goods in trade than males. Therefore, from an economic standpoint alone, it makes sense for a Gorean Master to send a female slave or slaves to conduct the business of trades, rather than taking unnecessary risk himself.

During certain dancing ceremonies panthegirls have been reported to be the most active and dangerous. Each band of panther girls customarily has a semi or permanent camp, particularly in winter, but each band, customarily, has what is known as it's dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed woman-hood becomes sometimes too painful, natural urges raging, travel to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of males is often consummated. No research has concluded how often the dancing ceremonies take place but their snare drums and stirring music are heard frequently deep within the forests. Unless the Mistress of the camp protects them, by placing a bag over a male's head, virtually all males are subject to being prey and taken into captivity during or following the dancing. No male who has ever watched the ceremony it is reported has ever desired to leave the camp after witnessing these dance ceremonies, and often will attempt escape if sold, at peril of their own execution, to return, only to be captured all over again and sold back into slavery. This provides continued resources for the panthergirls from the same stock of captured males. The dancing and the music are said to be intoxicating, mesmerizing, and all males are extremely vulnerable to its allure, including Gorean. No Master has ever admitted to having seen the ceremony, concluding those who did are no longer free but have become enslaved themselves, or none have witnessed the dancing ceremony.

Male slaves, are not particularly valuable, and do not command extremely high prices because most labor is performed by free men. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Most commonly, male slaves are utilized on the cargo galleys, and in the mines, and on the great farms, but they must be large muscular males to fetch a decent price in those markets. These male slaves, captured and sold by panthergirls, often display a degradation stripe, a 2"-wide band shaved into the hair of men captured by talunas or panther girls; which runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Some consider themselves fortunate to have their lives, even at such a price. An exception to the low prices for males generally is that paid for a certified woman's slave, a handsome male, white silken clad with gold tassels, or one who has been trained to tend a woman's compartments and needs. Some of these bring a price comparable to that brought by an attractive girl, often dangled before prospective female buyers, desiring to be served. Such males usually do not have the degradation stripe because it detracts from their appearance, hence fetching a lower price. A high price for a male is a silver tarsk. Generally selected males are traded to other panthergirl bands or to FreeWomen of Gor for goods and commodities not available deep in the forests. Because of that. it is rare, if not unheard of, for a FreeWoman of Gor to ever divulge the site of a panthergirl camp, and certainly Gorean settlements
that trade with them for profit and commodities have no desire to reveal the locations. This nderground
male slave market, so to speak, although not large in volume, appears to be more than myth.

Note: Consistent rumors that the panthergirls are gaining in population numbers persist, but has been
dismissed by Gorean Society as myth. No actual data exists to prove or disprove of the theory.



Quotes from the books



Excerpts from the book written by John Norman, Hunters of Gor

From Hunters of Gor page 28, as observed by Tarl Cabot aka Bosk of Port Kar:

Panther girls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting and slaving and outlawry. They have little or no respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably, the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen.

I can understand why it is that such women hate men, but it is less clear to me why they hold such enmity to woment. Indeed, they accord more respect to men, who hunt them, and whom they hunt, as worthy foes, than they do to women other than themselves. They regard, it seems, all women, whether slave or free, as soft, worthless creatures, so unlike themselves. Perhaps most of all they despise beautiful female slaves, and surely Cara was such. I am not sure why they hold this great hatred for other members of their sex. I suspect it may be because, in their hearts, they hate themselves, and their femaleness. Perhaps they wish to be men; I do not know. It seems they fear, terribly, to be females, and perhaps fear most what they, by the hands of a strong man, will be taught their womanhood. It is said that panther girls, conquered, make incredible slaves. I do not much understand these things.


From Hunters of Gor page 30, as observed by Tarl Cabot:

It was, of course, one thing to know this general manner of thing, and another to find Verna's band's camp, or their dancing circle. Each band of panther girls customarily has a semi-permanent camp, particularly in the winter, but, too, each band, customarily, has its dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed womanhood becomes sometimes too painful, repair to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of males is often consumated.


From Hunters of Gor page 13, a male slave is brought before Tarl Cabot and Samos:

"As you can see," he said, "I fell to women."

"How came it about?" I asked.

"They fell upon me in my sleep," he said. "I wakened to a knife at my throat. I was chained. They much sported of me. When they wearied of me, I was taken, leashed and manacled, to a lonely beach, at the edge of Thassa, bordering on the western edge of the forests."

"It is a well-known rendezvous point," said Samos. "It was there one of my ships picked him up and others." He looked at the man. "Do you recall your price?"

"Two steel knives," said the man, "and fifty steel arrow points."

"And a stone of hard candies, from the kitchens of Ar," smiled Samos.

"Yes," said the man, through gritted teeth.


From Hunters of Gor page 14, an observance of Rim, once a slave to panther girls:

"I thought it was I who was hunting women," said he. "But it was they who were hunting me."


From Hunters of Gor page 29, as observed by Tarl Cabot as he sat in a meeting with panther girl, Sheera and her band:

I lifted my eyes to regard the two wretches bound in the frames.

They had been much beaten, and long and heavily worked. The fierce women had doubtless raped them many times.

"Men," said Sheera, "make delightful slaves."

"Panther girls," said Rim, "do not make bad slaves either."


From Hunters of Gor page 31, as observed by Tarl Cabot:

There was little sugar in the forest, save naturally in certain berries, and simple hard candies, such as a child might buy in shops in Ar, or Ko-ro-ba, were, among the panther girls in the remote forest, prized.

It was not unknown that among the bands in the forests, a male might be sold for as little as a handful of such candies. When dealing with men, however, the girls usually demanded, and received, goods of greater value to them, usually knives, arrow points, small spear points; sometimes armlets, and bracelets and necklaces, and mirrors; sometimes slave nets and slave traps, to aid in their hunting; sometimes slave chains, and manacles, to secure their catches.


From Hunters of Gor page 31, as said by Verna, leader of a band of panther girls, to Tarl Cabot, of Talena:

"You have taught her slavery," I said.

"Yes," smiled Verna, "in the forests we have well taught her the meaning of slavery."

I put my head to one side.

"But, too," laughed Verna, "I do not think you would longer find her much enjoyable."

I looked at her.

"We have also taught her," said Verna, "as only panther girls can, the despicability of men."


From Hunters of Gor page 132-133, Verna the panther girl, speaks of panther girl philosophy:

She looked up. The moons were now over the trees. She looked down upon me, in her gold and brief skins. "Long ago," she said, "I determined that it would be I who would rule." She laughed, and thrust her foot against the side of my waist. "And it will be such as you," she smiled, "who will serve."


From Hunters of Gor page 300-301, Verna turns down Marlenus of Ar to be his Free Companion and Ubara of Ar, as observed by Tarl Cabot:

"The throne of Ubara," he said, "is empty."

They looked at one another.

"Thank you," she said, "Ubar."

"I will have all arrangements made," he said, "for your investiture as Ubara of Ar."

His men gasped. My men could not speak. I, too, was struck with silence.

To be Ubara of Ar was the most glorious thing to which a woman might aspire. It meant that she would be the richest and most powerful woman on Gor, that armies and navies, and tarn cavalries, could move upon her very word, that the taxes of an empire the wealthiest on Gor could be laid at her feet, that the most precious of gems and jewelries might be hers, that she would be the most envied woman on the planet.

"I have the forests," she said.

Marlenus could not speak.

"It seems," he said, "that I am not always victorious."

"No," she said, "Marlenus, you have been victorious."

He looked at her, puzzled.

"I love you," she said. "I loved you even before I knew you, but I will not wear your collar and I will not share your throne."

"I do not understand," he said. I had not thought, ever, to see the Ubar, as he stood there, looming over this woman, whom he might, did he choose, seize and own, but standing there numb, not understanding.

"You do not understand," said she, "because I am a woman."

He shook his head.

"It is called freedom," she said.


From Hunters of Gor page 136-139, Tarl Cabot observes the panther girls dance their frenzy, and is about to be raped:

"The moons are now risen," said another panther girl, edging closer to Verna. She was looking at me.

"There is not much time," said Mira. "Soon the moons will be at their full."

"Let it begin," said another girl.

Verna looked down upon me. "You wished to take us as slaves," she said. "It is you who have been taken slave."

I looked up at her in horror. I pulled at the thongs.

"Shave him," she said.

I fought, but two girls held my head, and Mira, laughing, with a small bowl of lather and a shaving knife, shaved the two-and-one-half-inch degradation strip on my head, from the forehead to the back of my neck.

"You are now well marked," said Verna, "as a man who has fallen to women."

I pulled helplessly at the thongs.

"Slave," said Mira.

"What are you going to do with me and my men?" I demanded.

"Bring a whip," said Verna.

Mira leaped to her feet.

"Curiosity," she siad, "is not becoming in a Kajirus."

Mira returned with the whip, a five-strap Gorean slave whip.

"Beat him," said Verna.

She beat me. My body, in the thongs, twisted and leaped under the lash.

"It is enough," said Verna.

Mira laughed, and folded the lash.

It had been a brief beating, lasting only a few seconds. She had been permitted to strike me only some eight or nine times. I was breathing heavily, in pain. They had not wished to injure me. Verna had only wished to administer a sharp, not-too-soon-to-be-forgotten, lesson to her slave.

The girls now knelt about me, in a circle. They were silent. I looked up at the large, white, swift moons. There were three of them, a larger and two smaller, looming, dominating.

The girls were breathing heavily. They had set aside their weapons.

They knelt, their hands on their thighs, occasionally lifting their eyes to the moons. Their eyes began to blaze. They put back their heads. Their lips parted. Their hair fell behind their heads, their faces lifted to the rays of the moons. Then, together, they began to moan and sway from side to side. Then they lifted their arms and hands to the moons, still swaying from side to side, moaning. I pulled at the thongs that bound me. Then their moaning became more intense and the swaying swifter and more savage, and, crying out and whimpering, they began to claw at the moons.

Mira leaped to her feet and tore her skins to the waist, exposing her breasts to the wild light of the flooding moons. She shrieked and tore at the moons with her fingernails. In an instant, another girl, and then another, and another had followed her example. Only Verna still knelt, her hands on her thighs, looking at the moons. Beneath the moons, helplessly, I sought to free myself. I could not do so.

Mira now, the others following, crying out, tore away the scraps of panther skin that had yet concealed their beauty. They now wore only their gold, and their ornaments. Now, moaning, crying out, the she-beasts of the forest, the panther girls, hands lifted, clawing, began to stamp and dance beneath the fierce brightness of the wild moons.

Then suddenly, they stopped, but stood, still, their hands lifted to the moons.

Verna threw back her head, her fists clenched on her thighs, and cried out, a wild scream, as though in agony.

She leaped to her feet and, looking at me, tore away her skins.

My blood leaped before her beauty.

But she had turned away and, naked, her head back, had lifted her hands, too, clawing at the moons.

Then all of them, together, turned slowly to face me. They were breathing heavily. Their hair was disheveled, their eyes wild.

I lay before them, helpless.

Suddenly, as one, they seized up their light spears, and, swaying, spears lifted, began to circle me.

They were incredibly beautiful.

A spear darted toward me, but did not strike me. It was withdrawn.

It could have killed me, of course, had its owner wished. But it had spared me.

Then, about me, panther girls, circling, swaying, began a slow stalking dance, as of hunters.

I lay in the center of the circle.

Their movements were slow and incredibly beautiful. Then suddenly one would cry out and thrust at me with her speak. But the spear was not thrust into my body. Its point would stop before it had administered its wound. Many of the blows would have been mortal. But many thrusts were only to my eyes, or arms and legs. Every bit of me began to fee exposed, threatened.

I was their catch.

Then the dance became progressively swifter and wilder, and the feigned blows became more frequent, and then, suddenly, with a wild cry, the swirling throng about me stood for an instant stock still, and then with a cry, each spear thrust down savagely toward my heart.

I cried out.

None of the spears had struck me.

The girls cast aside the spears. Then, like feeding she-panthers they knelt about me, each one, with her hands and tongue, touching and kissing me.

I cried out with anguish.

I knew I could not long resist them.

Verna lifted her head. She laughed. "You are going to be raped," she said.


From "Captive of Gor" pages 126, 128-129, on the difference of panthers and kajira, on relationships between the two, by Eleanor, captive kajira of the panthers.

The girl, clad like the others in the skins of the forest panthers, who had held my leash, and now again held it, she who had bound me, her sleen knife again in its sheath, thrust her face toward mine. It was she who had leaped at me with her knife. She twisted her hand in the metal and leather choke collar. "Kajira!" she said, with contempt. I gasped, choking. I was terrified of her.

Verna approached me.

I knelt.

"What are you?" she asked.

"Kajira, Mistress," I whispered.

I was nothing with these proud, free, dangerous, brave women, these independent, superb, unfearing, resourceful, fierce felines, panther girls of the northern forests of Gor. They were swift, and beautiful, and arrogant, like Verna. They were armed and could protect themselves, and did not need men. They could make men slaves, if they wished, and sell them later, if they were displeased with them or wearied of them. And they could fight with knives and knew the trails and tress of the vast forests.They feared nothing and needed nothing.

They were so different from myself.
The were strong, and unfearing. I was weak and frightened.

It seemed they were of a sex, or breed, other than, and superior to my own.
Among such women I could be but the object of their scorn, what they despised most, only Kajira.

And among them I felt myself to be only Kajira, one fit to be tethered and led, scorned as an insult to the beauty and magnificance of their sex.

I was other than, and less than, they.

"Hurry, Kajira!" snapped the girl who dragged on my leash.

"Yes, Mistress," I whispered.

She laughed.