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The Unofficial alt.books.gor Frequently Asked Questions List
Version 1.8
August 30, 1999


Various updates.

Compiled by Dreamer, who gleefully admits that he collected almost all of it from other people's web sites. ("Fair Use." Look it up.) Credit is given in all cases and any material which the author wishes removed will be deleted faster than a tarn can frighten a kajira.

Note that where I got something drom somebody else, it is credited to them at the beginning or the end of the material, and my comments/notes are delineated by " --- D"

1. What is alt.books.gor?

The following information was taken from http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/5672/abg_tal.txt, a site maintained by Tanos@geocities.com. (This page offline as of 10/1/98. --- D.)

Tal and welcome to alt.books.gor - a USENET newsgroup for the Gor books of John Norman, related IRC channels and Gor web sites. This message includes some links to more Gor material on the web, the original Charter of this newsgroup and a list of examples of appropriate posts for guidance. (Info on Gor Web Sites has been relocated to Question #4, below. --- D.)

Charter of alt.books.gor

The news group alt.books.gor is to be for discussion and announcements concerning John Norman's Gor fantasy novels, and concerning web sites and IRC channels related to the Gor books.

The group will be unmoderated and all contributors will be welcome.

Commercial posts will be inappropriate for this group unless directly related to the Gor books. (If your product description does not normally include the words 'Gorean' or 'Gor' it is certainly NOT appropriate here.)

Many posts will need to reveal the ending of one or more of the books. If possible these 'spoilers' should be indicated in the subject line, or at the start of the post.


Further clarification

After the creation of the alt.books.gor news group, it was suggested that I clarify its Charter in more Gorean terms.

Examples of appropriate posts:

o Discussion of a character's motives in a given book

o What point is Norman trying to make about some topic

o Parallels with other works: e.g. John Norman vs. Edgar Rice Burroughs

o A query about some Gorean creature, culture, or city

o Announcements of new web sites

o Discussions about web pages (``tarns don't look like that!'')

o Announcements of new Gor related IRC channels, or of future events to be held on channel

o Reports of notable events on channel, especially Free Companionship ceremonies, or collarings, perhaps with a channel log :) (Please respect other people's wishes if posting logs of course.)

'All contributors will be welcome' means slaves too.

Commercial posts are a bit tricky. If you are selling old copies of the books, making footed paga bowls, or even running kajira training classes, then your post would probably be appropriate. Pornographic web sites and BDSM toy vendors are definitely not appropriate (there are groups for ads like this already :)

And with that my job is finished. This group now belongs to us all.

Have fun!


2. How many books are there in the Gor series, what are their names, and what are they about?

There are currently twenty-five books in the Gor series. Persistent rumors say that at least one more book, "Witness(es?) of Gor," is complete or nearly so. Given the role that Witnesses play in the last published book, this seems to be a reasonable title for the next one. The twenty-five published books:

(The back-cover teaser texts used to appear here. I moved them to the end of the FAQ on the wise suggestion of Scott Sanford, wyvern@nospamagora.rdrop.com - remove the word nospam to contact him. ---D)

01. Tarnsman of Gor 1967
(John Lange listed as
holder, but John Norman as author.)

14. Fighting Slave of Gor
(AKA Jason Marshall I) 1980

02. Outlaw of Gor 1967

15. Rogue of Gor
(AKA Jason Marshall II) 1981

03. Priest-Kings of Gor 1968

16. Guardsman of Gor
(AKA Jason Marshall III) 1981

04. Nomads of Gor 1969
(John Norman - all later books are John Norman in original
editions. Some Masquerade reprints list Lange.)

17. Savages of Gor 1982

05. Assassin of Gor 1970

18. Blood Brothers of Gor 1982

06. Raiders of Gor 1971

19. Kajira of Gor 1983

07. Captive of Gor 1972

20. Players of Gor 1984

08. Hunters of Gor 1974

21. Mercenaries of Gor 1985

09. Marauders of Gor 1975

22. Dancer of Gor 1986

10. Tribesman of Gor 1976

23. Renegades of Gor 1986

11. Slave Girl of Gor 1977

24. Vagabonds of Gor 1987

12. Beasts of Gor 1978

25. Magicians of Gor 1988

13. Explorers of Gor 1979

26. Witness of Gor (?)


There were also two movies made based on Gor.

"Gor," (based on "Tarnsman of Gor,") made in 1988 and "Outlaw of Gor," made in 1989. These are very campy movies and have only a vague resemblance to the books. They are fairly easy to find in specialty video stores and catalogs.

(Although I have seen such lists before, I got this one from Kajira of Nym, naomi{N} aka Cindy "Chandonai" Radcliff's Gor pages. --- D.)

3. How can I get the Gor books? Are they online somewhere?

The original publishers no longer print the books. However, Masquerade Press, a small independent publishing house, has begun reprinting them and, at last count, had reissued the first nine. (As of January 1999 Masquerade had reprinted up to Marauders #9 and Imaginative Sex but according to ng postings had no plans to reprint the rest "soon."---D.) These have been spotted at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Tower Records and Books, and elsewhere. Amazon.com may also be worth a look. The books were extremely popular when originally printed and can often be found in used bookstores. Internet "want" ads are also helpful.

According to recent 'net rumors Masquerade is experiencing difficulties and will not be reprinting any more Gor books. Large online sellers and chain stores no longer stock the Masquerade reprints. (8/30/99)

Many people have posted files containing what appears to be the complete text of several of the books. Arguments can be made for and against this. It can be hard to find the books and people who could not otherwise read them can enjoy them this way. (Also, you have to admire someone patient enough not only to read Gor books, but to retype them. ---D.) However, this sort of thing is a flagrant violation of American and international copyright law. Regardless of whether you think American copyright law applies to you, if you live in a country advanced enough to have general internet access, you are almost certainly violating international law and the law of your country by possessing or distributing such files. (I am in r/l an intellectual property attorney and a published writer in the field, which doesn't give me any more moral authority than anybody else but enables me to make this last statement with some degree of confidence. --- D.) Mr. Norman has written these works and expects to be paid for them. Discussions on alt.books.gor have basically led to the agreement to disagree on this issue. However, there is an unofficial understanding that for legal and technical reasons (i.e. bandwidth savings) these files will not be posted to alt.books.gor in large portions. Unconfirmed (by me ---D.) reports have also been made that the current copyright licensors are collecting lists of sites where these files are posted for possible legal action.

4. Are there any Gor web sites or other online presence?

Yes. Goreans, real or virtual, tend to be people of strong opinion and they like to share their interests. Here is a very abbreviated list:

Some Gor web sites:

o Minx Kelly's World of Gor fan pages

o Silk & Steel Tavern (the largest tavern web site - also home for a popular IRC Gor channel)

(Above list from Tanos's page at http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/5672/abg_tal.txt --- D.) (This page offline as of 10/1/98 ---D.)

The following are sites and IRC Channels which have been especially recommended. It will change from time to time. I offer no personal opinion on them. --- D.

o http://xroads.home.mindspring.com/

o irc.austnet.org port 6667 at #GoreanXroads

o http://members.tripod.com/~Zens/gate.html

o A site with information on Vision's release of "Dancer of Gor" in graphic format.

o The home page of this FAQ, http://www.dreamstrike.com/abgfaq.html, is linked to the Gorean Webring.

There is also a strong IRC and AOL Gor presence. Mn AOL, look in People Connection/Special Interests/Member Chats for such rooms as "Gorean Tavern," "Kajira Waterfalls," "Kajira Gardens," "Gorean Spar Ring," "Three Moons Rising," and similar names. (I don't use IRC, but I will put references in the FAQ if people send them to me. I can be found on AOL Gor as "FallenFire," by the way. --- D.)

5. How about some more information on Gor itself? What's it like?

A (prototype) Gor FAQ (by Boris Ludmenkov by way of Kajira Hill's page (Mr. Ludmenkov has kindly offered to update this information and I will insert his new info as soon as he gets it to me. --- D.)

1. Who is this John Norman bloke anyway?

John Lange, a philosophy teacher at Columbia. (According to Wyvern Mr. Lange teaches at CUNY, not Columbia. I will attempt to check into this if I get a chance and I remember. ---D)

2. Really? I'd heard he was:

...a collection of hack writers

A common rumour but not true. All the GOR books (and the other works of 'John Norman' ) are by the same hand.

...a teacher in a girl's school

This, like so many other rumours, seems to have started in the lascivious minds of his more unimaginative readers. Not true in any case.

...a burnt out drunk.

There are a number of hostile rumours about Norman's personal life which in my opinion come from the irrational conviction that anyone who is as up front as he is about liking male-dominant BDSM has to have something wrong with him. I have no information that Norman is anything but a happy, fairly successful married man.

...really into all the things he describes in the GOR books.

Well, as to this all I can say is, it wouldn't surprise me. He speaks in IMAGINATIVE SEX in defense of his writings in the GOR books and seems to mean every word of it. I have no information as to whether he practices what he preaches. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did.

(Mr. Norman expresses the view at one point in "Imaginative Sex" that a woman who actually *wants* to be struck with a whip, as opposed to imagining it, is ill and needs medical attention. So while he may, and seems to, believe that the Gorean-style relationship between man and woman is usually the proper one, he is apparently *not* an advocate of what most of us would call S/M or physical discipline other than bondage. The other possibility is that that was put in there as a sop to the publisher or booksellers who may have been even less willing to sell the book without the disclaimer. ---D)

3. What does he look like?

If you can find a copy there is a photo of Norman in the MILFORD SERIES: POPULAR WRITERS OF TODAY: FANTASY VOICES 1. edited by Jeffrey M. Elliot. The Borgo Press San Bernadino California, 1982. All I can say is that Tarl Cabot he ain't. He looks to me a little like a more soulful, taller Roman Polanski. (Note: Kajira Hill also has a link to a recent photo and bio on her page. --- D.)

4. How many GOR books are there?

(Note: I removed this answer as the titles with teasers are listed elsewhere. --- D.)

5. Which are the best?

I would recommend a new reader start with either ASSASSIN or one of the ones from a female viewpoint. (CAPTIVE, SLAVE-GIRL, KAJIRA, DANCER) (Note: The female viewpoint ones are good in that they start at the beginning each time, explaining the culture of Gor. My personal favorite is "Beasts," which is not only very funny in places but has my all-time favorite scene, the Kaissa match between Scormus of Ar and Centius of Cos. --- D.)

6. Are they still in print?

No. In a burst of Political Correctness in the late '80s the books were dropped first by their British and then by their American publishers. Norman has managed to get three books in a new series (see below) published by Questar but there do not appear to be any more GOR books in prospect. You can still find them on second hand bookstalls. They were *very* popular when they were published.

(kajira hill's note: It is recently rumored that Masquerade is taking up the cause of Gor and reprinting all 25. The first few in the series have been released and are in major book stores. If you can't find them, you can ask to have them ordered for you. (Speaking only with the knowledge i have of frequenting Waldenbooks and B. Dalton). i have also heard rumor of John Norman again taking up pen and starting in on a contract with Masquerade to write numbers 26, 27, and 28. The new books rumor is unsubstantiated as far as I know. That Masquerade is publishing the original series apparently was announced in the following:.

Locus, the Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field Issue 423, Volume 36, No. 4, April 1996 People and Publishing Section, Books Resold Subsection)

(Note: See above question #3 for more on this. --- D.)

7. Has Norman published any other books?

As John Norman he has also published: TIME SLAVE, GHOST DANCE, IMAGINATIVE SEX. The last is a defence of his psycho-sexual position, a list of fantasies with hints on recreating them and an appendix with instructions on how to tie up your wife. (All these from DAW and out of print now.) (Note: IMAGINATIVE SEX is now being reprinted with a truly hideous pink cover obviously photographed by somebody who was completely unfamiliar with the book. However, the woman is intriguing. ;-) --- D.) After the vanishing of the GOR books he published three volumes of THE TELARNIAN CHRONICLES: THE CHIEFTAIN, THE CAPTAIN and THE KING which are "GOR meets the Galactic Empire with undertones of the fall of the Roman Empire" in flavour. They are, in the humble opinion of yours truly, not as well written as the GOR books.

As John Lange, he has written among others: THE COGNITIVITY PARADOX: An Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy (Princeton University Press, 1970), and edited VALUES AND IMPERATIVES: STUDIES IN ETHICS by C.I. Lewis.

8. What are the GOR books about?

They are set on a world (originally brought here from another solar system) which orbits the Sun on the far side from Earth. The world is controlled by the Priest-Kings, an insectoid race that has brought humans across from Earth to establish a carefully cultivated set of societies, `ased around city-states whose technological level the Priest-Kings limit to the Iron Age. (With certain interesting exceptions: medical knowledge is far in advance of Earth's to the degree that everyone has unending youth and vigor.) (Note: This is not quite true. Disease seems to be fairly common - the concept of inoculation does not seem to be known despite the frequent mention of vaccination marks on imported earth slaves - and all the Stabilization Serums do is prevent aging to some extent in most people. Persons who fail to take care of their bodies are still corpulent, unhealthy, and likely to die of it. ---D.)

All the cultures of Gor are Slave-keeping and up to 10% of the population is kept in servitude, the most interesting example being the female pleasure slave (Kajira in Gorean). (Note: Strictly speaking, this is not accurate, except for special cases such as Tharna. Cabot notes several times that perhaps one in forty or fifty women is kept in slavery in later books. Male slaves, except in times of war, in agriculture, or where large public works are being done, seem to be somewhat to very uncommon. --- D.) All the books (except for the first two which only mention slavery in passing) feature women being captured, trained, brought and sold as slaves for male pleasure. And (this is the really non-PC bit) eventually they all come to love it! Norman goes on and on over many, many pages about how this arrangement is 'natural' and 'right' and in the process turns off many readers who might not find the thesis objectionable but do find the presentation tedious.

9. Are they that badly written then?

Well, while they really aren't as bad as some people make out, there are enough flaws in Norman's style to make reading it an effort if Male Domination isn't what pushes your buttons. He has an annoying way of creating pseudo-medieval dialog by abusing the English language. (He also gets into the habit of using a particular phrase and then running the hell out of it, e.g. "and such." in "Magicians." --- D.) I personally loathe his use of the words 'modality' (which exists but only as a technical term in philosophy) and 'muchly' (which doesn't exist at all...). Don't let the rumours put you off if you are at all kinky... (Note: This, of course, is only opinion. Like almost any author, Norman has his good days and his bad days. The conversations between Cabot and Imnak in "Beasts" show a fine wit, snappy prose, and at least some familiarity with Inuit culture, for instance. --- D.)

10. Are there any official Gor fanzines or fan clubs?

Nope. There are a few D/S types who try to live out the Gorean lifestyle but they are not very open about it. (With certain obvious exceptions. --- D.) I'm told that there is an SCA associated group (the Tuchux) that tries to live like Gorean nomads but they are about the most active group. (Note: the Tuchux have in common with the Tuchuks, the Nomads of Gor, only that their names are phonetically similar. They started out emulating the Tuchuks but have evolved into something completely different. One look at their home page, for instance, tells you that the lot of them would know the joys of spontaneous combustion if they ever set foot on Gor. There is also a group on the net, who also refer to themselves as Tuchuks, who are kind of an Easy Rider meets Gor sort of thing. --- D.)

(I also came across a lady calling herself Kajira on IRC who claimed to have lived with a lifestyle Gorean group in the Netherlands who had even gone so far as to start using their own made up Gorean Language. I know nothing more than this.)

(No, I am not a member of such a group. No, I do not know who their Membership Secretary is....)**

- - - - - - - - -**kajira hill's note: it wasn't me!!!

When there was an item called The John Norman Fan Club at the World SF convention in Holland a few years back it turned out to be a hoax by the committee, who just wanted to see who would turn up to such a thing. Yours truly then leapt into the breach to give a reasoned defence of the Gorean lifestyle and even JN's writing...

I once wrote up a one-issue fanzine trying to get some interest in writing GOR fan-fiction. (Look, it works for Marion Zimmer Bradley....) but no-one responded much. And JN put the kibosh on the idea of GOR fan-fiction being published.

Note contributed by SultryFslv (sultryfslv@aol.com): There now is a bi-monthly Internet publication. "The Gorean Times" is highly recommended by this slave and is published on the 1st and 15th of each month. It can be read at: http://www.netport.com/isildur/gornews/ . Also don't miss "The Gorean Voice."

11. Why do people dislike the GOR books so much?

"John Norman is both ethically horrifying and (dull*!" Jerry Pournelle

"I doubt if my wife would be polite to Norman even at a cocktail party." JP again.

(Note: As to that, I can only respond that rudeness by a guest, to a guest, in someone else's home or at someone else's party is one of the most uncivilized practices I know. Norman's characters are violent, opinionated, and unsubtle much of the time - but except for the occasional free woman cruising for a downfall, they are rarely uncivil to each other --- D.)

For a more reasoned and virulent attack read Mary Gentle's "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" in FOUNDATION (I don't have the issue number to hand). It starts, "Which of you bastards out there like reading rape fantasies?" A sexist assumption about who goes fop rape fantasies in my opinion.

12. Where can I find a copy of HOUSEPLANTS OF GOR?

I give up. I really do... (link to http://www.cyberverse.com/~lizette/plants.htm --- D.)

Back Cover Teaser Texts:

(From the Ballantine/Del Rey editions.)

01. Tarnsman of Gor

A spectacular world unfolds in this first volume of John Norman's million-selling Gorean series. Tarnsman finds Tarl Cabot transported to Counter-Earth, better known as Gor. He must quickly accustom himself to the ways of this world, including the caste system which exalts some as Priest-Kings or Warriors, and debases others as slaves.

02. Outlaw of Gor

Outlaw of Gor in which Tarl Cabot, fighting tarnsman of Gor and proud warrior of Ko-ro- ba, finds his home city razed, his wife and family scattered, possibly destroyed by the dreaded flame death of the Priest-Kings of the Sardar-and Tarl himself declared outlaw.

03. Priest-Kings of Gor

The third volume of John Norman's series. Tarl Cabot, brave Tarnsman of Gor, searches for the truth about his lovely Free Companion, Talena. Does she live, or was she destroyed by the mysterious, all-powerful Priest-Kings? Cabot is determined to find out-even while knowing that no one who has approached the mountain stronghold of the Priest Kings has ever returned alive.

04. Nomads of Gor

At the risk of death...Tarl Cabot, warrior and tarnsman, left the forbidden Sardar Mountains on a mission for the Priest-Kings of Gor, the barbaric world of Counter-Earth. The Priest-Kings were dying, and he had to find their last link to survival. All he knew about his goal was that it lay hidden somewhere among the nomads.

These were the Wagon Peoples, the wild tribes, that lived off the roving herds of bosk, fiercest of the animals of Gor. But still more fierce were their Masters, the savage Tuchuks. All men fled before them when they moved.

All except for Tarl Cabot, who stood alone, watching the oncoming clouds of dust that might bring him death.

05. Assassin of Gor

The Trail of Vengeance...Kuurus was one of the dread caste of assassins on the hidden world of Counter-Earth. He was hired for twenty pieces of gold to avenge the death of a warrior. Now he was on his way to the great city of Ar, where he was forbidden by ancient sentence of death ever to appear again.

He knew nothing of his intended victim, save that the man had taken part in the savage tarn races at the Arena of Ar. And all he knew of the man he was to avenge was a name.

The name was that of Tarl Cabot, the great warrior and servant of the all-powerful Priest Kings. And that was strange.

Because the true name of Kuurus was Tarl Cabot!

06. Raiders of Gor

City of the Damned...Tarl Cabot was a warrior of Gor-the world that Earth could never see. Normally, he was a proud and mighty warrior. But now he was bound for Port Kar, the only city with no home stone to give it a heart. It was a city of reavers and looters...of outcasts without allegiance. Merchants and pirates stalked its quays beside the beautiful Sea of Thassa.

Tarl Cabot was headed for the sinkhole of the planet, a teeming den of iniquity. And that was no place for an honest warrior from far Ko-ro-ba.

But he was no longer Tarl Cabot, the warrior. Now he was only Bosk...a miserable slave!

07. Captive of Gor

Spoiled rich young Elinor Brinton was no longer on Earth. She had been kidnapped from her New York apartment and carried across space to Gor by alien slavers.

Then the ship was wrecked and she was stranded on the strange world of Counter-Earth, where women were only property, to be beaten and subjugated at the will of the men who were their Masters. Life to her became a never-ending nightmare.

In the great luxury city of Ko-ro-ba, she was trained in the provocative skills of a pleasure slave. In the Northern Forests of Gor, she was captured by the fierce outlaw Panther Girls.

And finally came Rask of Treve to teach her what all women should learn!

08. Hunters of Gor

Three lovely women were keys to Tarl Cabot's career on Gor, Earth's orbital counterpart. They were:

Talena, daughter of Gor's greatest ruler and once Tarl's queen. Elizabeth Cardwell, who had been Tarl's comrade in two of his greatest exploits. Verna, haughty chief of the untamed panther women of the Northern forests.

Hunters of Gor finally reveals the fate of these three-as Tarl Cabot ventures into the wilderness to pit his skill and his life against the brutal cunning of Gorean outlaws and enemy warriors.

09. Marauders of Gor

Tarl Cabot's efforts to free himself from the directive of the mysterious Priest-Kings of Earth's orbital counterpart were confronted by frightening reality when horror from the northland finally struck directly at him.

Somewhere in the harsh lands of transplanted Norsemen was the first foothold of the alien Others. Somewhere up there was one such who waited for Tarl. Somewhere up there was Tarl's confrontation with his real destiny-was he to remain a rich merchant-slaver of Port Kar or become again a defender of two worlds against cosmic enslavement?

Marauders of Gor is one of the truly great adventures of the Gorean saga. It brings in barbaric peoples, vivid adventure, fierce aliens, and the clash of male-female emotions stripped of civilized pretension that has made John Norman the best-selling writer of high fantasy adventure.

10. Tribesmen of Gor

The Others were on the move! The Priest-Kings had received a message: "Surrender Gor." The date had been set for conquest or destruction.

Tarl Cabot could no longer linger in Port Kar-now he must act on behalf of the Priest- Kings, on behalf of Gor, and on behalf of Gor's teeming, unsuspecting, twin world known as Earth.

Evidence pointed to the great wasteland of the Tahari, the desert known only to the clannish, militant tribes of desert-wanderers. There must Cabot go. There among the feuds, along the trails of slavers, beyond the forbidding salt mines to a rendezvous with treachery, with a woman warlord, with a bandit chief, and with the monster intelligences from the worlds of steel.

11. Slave Girl of Gor

Slave Girl of Gor... Tarl Cabot resumed his allegiance to the Priest-Kings, the non-human but benevolent rulers of Earth's orbital twin planet, Gor. And accordingly Tarl knew that the battle for the possession of the planet was under way--the Kurii, the beastlike invaders, had made their plans.

There was a girl, once Judy Thornton of Earth, found in the wilderness of Gor. Captured, as such lovely strangers were on that ruthless world, she was to undergo the training that would make her a slave girl of great value. But unknown to her captors was the fact that she was a tool of the Kurii, that she carried a programmed message that imperiled the future of Gor. It was for possession of her mind and body that Priest-King and Kur-monster battled, while a planet went its way unsuspecting that its very fate was also locked within the slave collar that graced her neck.

12. Beasts of Gor

On Gor, the other world in Earth's orbit, the term beast can mean any of three things: First, there are the Kurii, the monsters from space who are about to invade that world. Second, there are the Gorean warriors, men whose fighting ferocity is incomparable.

Third, there are the slave girls, who are both beasts of burden and objects of desire.

All three kinds of beasts come into action in this thrilling novel as the Kurii establish their first beachhead on Gor's polar cap. Here is a John Norman epic that takes Tarl Cabot from the canals of Port Kar to the taverns of Lydius, the tents of the Sardar Fair, and to a grand climax among the red hunters of the Arctic ice pack.

13. Explorers of Gor

All the glorious panorama of Earth's planetary twin, barbaric Gor, is present in John Norman's latest novel.

When the shield ring of the much feared Kurii falls into the possession of a mysterious black explorer, it becomes vital to the Priest-Kings that Tarl Cabot himself regain that ancient product of an alien science. His quest brings him to the unmapped interior of the great equatorial rain-forests and into new dangers without parallel.

Here are jungle kingdoms and tropical trade cities, fierce beasts and fiercer men. And at the heart of this full-bodied Gorean novel is a lost city-and a lineage of the loveliest enemy agents ever lured from the cities of far-off Terra.

14. Fighting Slave of Gor (AKA Jason Marshall I)

Attempting to save his girlfriend from a Gorean slave trap, Jason Marshall found himself kidnapped to that legendary counter-Earth planet. And as such found himself the first "civilized" Earth male to become enslaved in the ruthless chains of Gorean society.

Jason Marshall's startling adventures make constantly fascinating reading as he is made to be the slave of a haughty woman, then into her fighting champion, and finally amid the turmoil of primitive warfare to seek his liberty in order to search for his lost love amid the slave marts of that alien and turbulent planet.

15. Rogue of Gor (AKA Jason Marshall II)

Jason Marshall learned the meaning of manhood and the power of women, both dominant and submissive, when he was kidnapped from Earth to the Counter-Earth called Gor. Winning his freedom, Jason set out single-handed to win his own place on that gloriously barbaric world on the other side of the sun.

His intent was to find the girl who had been enslaved with him. But that quest thrust him smack in the middle of the war that raged between Imperial Ar and the Salerian Confederation-and the secret schemes of the pirate armada that sought control of the mighty trading artery of the fighting cities.

16. Guardsman of Gor (AKA Jason Marshall III)

Guardsman of Gor...From kidnapped collegian to a woman's slave, from landless fugitive to warrior-captain, the life of Jason Marshall on Earth's orbital twin was a constant struggle against the naked power and barbaric traditions of glorious Gor.

Now, in the heat of a desperate naval battle against overwhelming odds, Jason faced the pivotal hours of his Gorean career. For him victory would mean a homeland, a warrior's honors, and the lovely Earthgirl who was the prize he had long sought. Defeat would mean degradation worse than the chains he had once escaped.

Guardsman of Gor is the blazing climax of this saga of one man against an entire world.

17. Savages of Gor

The Kur came to Port Kar! Two of the terrible space beasts came to make Tarl Cabot an offer. They, a death-squad, sought the renegade Kur commander, the great Half-Ear, whom Tarl had once battled in the Far North.

But Tarl refused their offer, for Half-Ear was more valuable to the Priest-Kings alive than to the Kur dead. And now he knew it was imperative for him to save that monster from the doom that would fast overtake him.

This meant venturing the forbidden Barrens of Gor--a vast land of plains and prairies whose cruel Masters were tribes of savage red riders and where civilized men were always prey and their women mere trophies of the hunt!

Tarl Cabot returns in one of his greatest adventures.

18. Blood Brothers of Gor

Tarl Cabot, seeking the monsters from the Steel Worlds, found himself among the cruel savages who ruled the vast Barrens. Though himself enslaved, he stood with his comrades and Masters against a coming onslaught.

For the Kur had united the enemies of the tribe that held Cabot, and death and destruction were unleashed. Out of the plains came riding hordes of feud-driven braves, from the skies came a host of maddened tarn-riders, and even among the slave girls held by the blood brothers there was devilish treason.

Blood Brothers of Gor is one of the great John Norman epics. It is a long novel of constant action, told in depth and detail, of a struggle fought for the fate of a world where strong men clash and beautiful women await their victors.

19. Kajira of Gor

Kajira means slave-girl in Gorean. But when Tiffany Collins was kidnapped from Earth and brought to that orbital counter-world, she found herself on the throne of a mighty city as its "queen". Power seemingly was hers, and she did not realize that her true role was that of a slave puppet of a conniving woman agent of the monstrous Kurii.

But a chained slave she was destined to be, and in the course of the complex, visible and invisible, struggles between warriors and cities, between Kurii and Priest-Kings, she would play a pivotal role.

Kajira of Gor is one of the most excitingly vivid novels John Norman has written. Here is all the color and terror of Gor. Here, between crown and fetters, between adulation and total submission, is the full-scale panorama of that wonderful, barbaric world as only Tarl Cabot knew it.

20. Players of Gor

Players of Gor...During the holiday revels of Port Kar, an attempt is made on the life of Tarl Cabot. And Tarl discovers that the Priest-Kings have turned against him! To clear himself of their charge of treason, he must follow the assassin's trail. The way to achieve that was to join, in disguise, a troupe of traveling Players, a sort of Gorean carnival, which would give him entry to enemy cities and hostile territories.

But life in such a carnival is always a risk in itself. There are monsters in form and monsters in mind among them--and there may be spies of the alien Kurii and the omnipotent Priest- Kings. Players of Gor is a rich and full adventure on that wondrous world where free men must fight and slave girls must yield, where life and liberty may depend on the chance moves of a game- board or the edged passions of the dueling ground. And where Tarl's destiny must bring him face to face with a conspiracy of superhuman powers.

21. Mercenaries of Gor

War on Gor is a rousing and fearful affair--and when the armada of Cos landed and began its sweeping arch against the mighty city of Ar, Tarl Cabot was swept up in their drive. Outcast from Port Kar, rejected by the Priest-Kings, Tarl fought now for his own redemption.

With comrades at his qide, barbarian warriors and daring women, free and slave, his plans went forward--until the mercenaries of Dietrich of Tamburg disrupted the struggle as a mysterious third force.

Mercenaries of Gor brings into action all the magic and conflict of that counter-Earth, as Tarl became the center of intrigue and treachery in the city of its greatest enemies.

22. Dancer of Gor

Doreen Williamson appeared to be a quiet shy librarian, but in the dark of the library, after hours, she would practice, semi-nude, her secret studies in belly-dancing. Until, one fateful night, the slavers from Gor kidnapped her.

On that barbarically splendid counter-Earth, Doreen drew a high price as a dancer in taverns, in slave collar and ankle bells. Until each of her owners became aware that their prize dancer was the target of powerful forces--that in the tense climate of the ongoing war between Ar and Cos, two mighty empires, Doreen was too dangerous to keep.

Dancer of Gor is a John Norman bonus novel--an erotic fever-pitched novel of an alien world where men were all-powerful and women were living jewels of desire.

23. Renegades of Gor

As the bloody tide of war spread over Gor, Tarl Cabot, outcast by the Priest-Kings, became deeply enmeshed in the military combat between the empire of Ar and the invaders from Cos. His fate would depend upon which proved victorious in the coming confrontation at Ar's besieged river port. And it looked like Tarl himself might prove the deciding factor that would tip the scales of destiny for one side or the other...

With Renegades of Gor, all the complexity and intrigue of John Norman's saga comes together to create an adventure replete with danger, excitement, and romance in the unforgettable realm of Gor--where courage remains meaningful, and pride and honor have never been forgotten.

24. Vagabonds of Gor

As treachery and `etrayal become the prime weapons in the war between Ar and Cos, Tarl Cabot is trapped in the siege of Ar's Station. And when Ar's Station falls to the warriors of Cos, it is only with the aid of the loyal Vosk League, that Tarl and other survivors make their escape from the defeated port.

But with the forces of Cos now readying to continue on their devastating march of conquest, Tarl must go undercover as a spy within the enemy camp, hoping to discover their plans and send word to Ar's army before it is too late...

In Vagabonds of Gor, Tarl Cabot faces perhaps his greatest challenge of all, as he is caught up in the myriad dangers and intrigue of two mighty powers at war!

25. Magicians of Gor

With the capital city of Ar under the sway of the beautiful traitress Talena, a ruler placed in power by the Cosian invaders, Tarl Cabot and the Delta Brigade, the members of the underground force sworn to defeat Cos, must call upon the unique talents of master magician Boots Tarsk-Bit to recapture the precious Home Stone of vanquished Ar's Station. For snatching the Home Stone from the enemy's grasp may prove the vital ingredient in Tarl's desperate and dangerous campaign to rouse the people of Ar to fight on to regain their freedom from the hated foe....

In Magicians of Gor, Tarl Cabot and his allies must work a unique magic with illusions and swordblades to root out the treachery at the heart of a mighty empire.

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